Craft Brew Copepods
Craft Brew Copepods
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Craft Brew Copepods

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OUR COMMITMENT is a cooperative of professionals dedicated to 
our goal of being 
the highest quality live food and probiotic supplement 
available for your marine aquarium.  

To insure that our incredible product reaches you in the same healthy 
state that it leaves our lab, our commitment includes the following promises:

1) We will only use the finest natural ingredients available
2) We will insure our product consistently maintains the highest quality
3) Every Bottle will be inspected and tested before packaging
4) Our packaging and insulating materials will be the best available
5) We will only use the fastest and most reliable shipping carriers reserves the right to delay shipping according to any perceived possible shipping delays. 
This includes all national holidays that are observed by USPS and other carriers as well as weather and/or security delays.
Our shipping goal is 3 days from our cultures to your tank. 
We insulate and package to ensure a successful 3 day delivery, however, for maximum living copepod count we highly recommend upgrading to overnight delivery. 

CraftBrewCopepods is an incredibly dense copepod culture which 

also includes lab cultured Phytoplankton, micronutrients AND highly beneficial probiotic 
bacteria. It has been trusted by professionally maintained aquariums 
nationwide since 2002! 

Our product has been formulated to fill the gaps in your aquarium food 
chain caused by overly efficient filtration 
as well as over consumption due to
large populations of fish, invertebrates and coral. 

Delivering our product quickly is vital. Our cultures are SENSITIVE 
to large temperature swings and HUNGRY! They can survive at lower temperatures but in order
to maintain maximum density they must remain between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit.
Our high density culture is capable of quickly consuming all food and 
oxygen contained in each bottle at which time they will perish! For this reason 
we highly recommend an upgrade to overnight shipping.

Constantly adding sparsely populated "homemade" copepod formulas with questionable 
ingredients (often containing COPPER and other harmful impurities) is WASTEFUL, EXPENSIVE AND RISKY!
There is no need to repeatedly add excessive quantities of our SAFE AND ORGANIC product to your 

aquarium ecosystem. One 12 oz bottle of CraftBrewCopepods 
will boost and maintain the copepod population in a 50 gallon aquarium 
for up to 6 MONTHS!